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evaluate - visualize - execute

Eyegasm Visual Entertainment was asked to collaborate with Santander Bank and EDT Eventos to produce a worldwide webcast for Santander Bank Corporate and all of its investors and brokers.  EDT needed all aspects of the production designed and provided for them so that their international team could be ready to roll within minutes of arriving on site. 

Language barriers, extremely critical time schedules, no rehearsal time with the talent and many other hurdles were overcome to produce this ground breaking event.  Just feet from the New York Stock Exchange, the Broad Street Ballroom hosted a majestic background behind the scenes of the video shoot.  E.V.E. provided Production and Lighting Design, Lighting Equipment, Translation services, camera equipment, operators, directors, makeup artists, webcasting equipment, audio recording equipment, down to the craft services for the two day project. 


The client looked to E.V.E. to be the single source in NYC for the event production.  We ensured that the client only had to step off the plane and step into the venue ready to shoot!!!