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Do you realize what truly goes into creating a top notch and seamless event? Most people don't fully understand what goes into developing a show.  Show production is a type of magic, but productions and events aren't built in a day. 

What about all of the site surveys, production meetings, artist, venue and client contracts, administrative work, logistics, rentals, purchasing, scheduling, all necessary equipment and personnel along with weeks and months of advanced planning and preparation? Can this be accomplished all over-night?

Whether you are a first timer or a seasoned vet, Eyegasm Visual Entertainment is here to help.  E.V.E oversees and handles every aspect of the Live Event, Corporate and Touring markets so you don't have to sweat the "small" stuff.  We provide complete Venue, Tour, Stage, Event and Production Management services. 

Eyegasm provides the highest level of concierge style services for the most demanding situations, exclusive clients and high profile events. We specialize in planning, producing, procurement, staffing, logistics and execution for any and every event. BASICALLY- adult babysitting, professional hand holding, M&M bathtub filling (artists color choice) and everything in between is all part of our job description.

The E.V.E. team forms long lasting relationships and impressions that clients, venues and artists are looking for. Once you work with the E.V.E. team, you will understand that there is no other choice to develop, create and manage your vision. E.V.E. is dedicated to producing a seamless and successful event for you and your guests. We look forward to creating your next experience soon!

Production Management - Tour Management - Stage Management - Event Management - Venue Management 

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