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Eyegasm Visual Entertainment (E.V.E.) is a Full-Service Production Company, founded in 2017 with over 22 years of  experience in live production and entertainment to the table. The owner of E.V.E. spent most of his career with several premier production companies, entertainment venues, and providing support world class acts.


Disheartened by the lack of creativity and the rinse and repeat design method employed by many designers and production companies, E.V.E. was formed  around it's "Evaluate, Visualize, and Execute" design approach.  No longer should clients have to compromise their visions and spend their money wastefully on cookie cutter production and design.   


Most production houses are tied to a particular brand of equipment, process or the pressure of making custom designs not so custom so they are easier to produce for the sake of profitability.  We at E.V.E. pride ourselves on cultivating a unique culture where new creative ideas are pushed to the forefront. 

E.V.E's unique relationships and strategic production network across the nation allows us to procure the best equipment and professionals to fully execute your event and vision.

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